The Value of LeBron James just released an infographic to show how, in their opinion (and backed by some pretty good statistics) that LeBron James is the most underpaid athlete. Now, to truly say he is the MOST underpaid, we would need to see similar analysis for athletes in other sports, but the numbers here do paint a pretty good picture.

Dario Ravasio @RavasioDario


2013 NBA All-Stars Player Stats

Here two infographic posters detailing the stats for each of the players on the NBA All-Star teams 2013. Both use radar charts to highlight each player’s strongest areas.

nba poster_east copy

nba poster_west copy

The individual radar charts are color-coded for each player’s regular team.  In the radar charts, you have to look at each stat to determine which direction is a favorable number.  A high number of turnovers isn’t a good thing, so I might suggest reversing the direction of some of the negative stats like fouls and turnovers.

Dario Ravasio @RavasioDario