How to market your sport product business

by Dario Ravasio

IMAGE: Is the key when doing business with sport products. You have to make your product or service the most visible you can.

One of the best way to promote your product and improve its value is using the image of a famous athlete. First because people see themselves in the athlete (let’s take as an example the nba championship Dwayne Wade and Gatorade, people think: “if is good for him, is good even for me”). Second advantage, if this athlete or team wins, your product will have a lot of visibility.

There are several other strategies to promote your sport products business:

marketing through networking:

Since the early beginning of your business you should start investing in networking, trying in every way to have meetings with people of your field, like athletes, vendors and so on. Remember that the image is everything, make sure to make a good impression since the first meeting. This way in a little period of time you can start building profitable relations with the right people.
Developing partnership with stores that provide equipment needed for your products is another good idea, for example offering discounts and special prices for their clients in exchange of providing encouragement to its customers to buy your product.

sports shows:

Using sports shows and events is another great idea to let the people know you. You can start from little events like high school basketball games to main events like the Super Bowl.
The best way to start is to provide samples of your products at small events like high school games as said before or other local events. Obviously the main advantage is to advertise a lot of people but this will help your store to be part of community as well.
Remember: every event is a great chance to establish a truly real relationship with the people that are or may become your clients.

• internet access and promotions:

The future of marketing and advertisement is e-commerce, that is growing really fast in the last few years. Develop a well done and interactive website is one of the first steps. This is going to add value at your image. Make it colourful and easy to surf, don’t forget all the company’s information like name, address ecc.
Here the best steps to develop a good marketing website:
define the purpose of the site, determine name for the site, choose the content’s depth and the frequency of changes, design the site with the help of an experienced web designer and begin to advertise to attract people to your site.

• publication advertising:

Represent the advertisement through publications in:
Newspaper: printed newspaper and web newspaper that are still a really trusted source of information.
Magazine: the best way to present your company or products or services, because of the full color ads and cause most of the magazine are really focused in a niche and specific market, so you can reach just the people that might be interested in your product.

To conclude just remember to be focused on your customers, what they want and what they need. Searching for new future clients but without forgetting about the actual clients, providing new promotions and loyalty programs for them.



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